Discover Ways to Improve Grades for Your Child with an Online Tutor

Tutors and teachers around the world are integrating technology into the classroom from both off and online. Power point presentations are being used to present topics to the class, social media forums are being used to discuss topics online, and student grades are being stored online for students and parents to access when needed. Despite tutors using online tools creatively, they are not doing online tutoring.

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If you’re looking for ways to improve grades for your child consider online tutoring. Online tutors use a white board for writing and drawing to illustrate concepts just as the traditional tutor uses a blackboard or paper. Traditional tutors will need to bring rulers, compasses, and colored chalk to draw circles and other colored shapes, but the online tutor will have the capability of drawing colored shapes with the click of a mouse and will be able to create and use them in a fraction of the time. Having this type of quick easy access will save time that can be used for instruction.

Online tutors have the luxury of teaching one student at a time from any computer anywhere in the world. Traditional tutors are usually limited to their geographic area and usually don’t use a computer when tutoring. Traditional tutors at a learning center usually have more than one student at a time. Therefore online tutors will be able to focus their time and energy on improving your child’s understanding and grades.

Online tutors also have access to technology every day as part of their regular routine instead of having it only on special occasions. Sometimes traditional tutoring makes it hard to see what your child is doing because a part of your child’s body or arm may be in the way of seeing what they are writing. An online tutor will have nothing blocking the whiteboard your child is working on. As a matter of fact your child and the online tutor will be working together on problems at the same time from different locations talking to each other as if they were actually sitting next to each other using a microphone. A speaker phone is still good to use, but that is old school.

Now I have shared how having access to the electronic white board makes writing or drawing shapes in various sizes and colors easier to create. I have also mentioned how online tutors only have one on one tutoring at any location with a computer using real live voice. Thirdly, I have shared how online tools can be used simultaneously by your child and the tutor using real time voice. Using voice, colors, and the capability of performing tasks with a click of a button also allows your child to learn in the particular learning style he or she is most comfortable with. These are only a few ways to improve grades for your child with the help of an online tutor.

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