Advantages of Online Learning

The Internet has helped the tutoring industry in many ways over the last several years. There are so many advantages of online learning that traditional tutoring just can’t compete. The benefits are on both sides of the spectrum, for the tutor and for the student.

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The programs that allow tutoring online have come far over the last several years. The option to use strictly email is still one method of receiving help but not necessarily the best. The back and forth nature is not always the most beneficial to either the student or the tutor.

Now there are many online ways to receive tutoring that is interactive. Many are using microphones and speakers so that the communication can be not only through the written interactive boards, but also through speech. This allows the communication to be instantaneous and therefore much like face-to-face tutoring sessions.

Students today are very computer and electronic oriented. Most children have at least one of the following if not several: iPods, Xboxes, PlayStations, Email accounts, MySpace, and cell phones. The more bells and whistles the more attention the student pays. This has become one of the problems that teachers are having in the classroom. By tutoring online, it captures the student’s attention, much more than pen and paper does. This helps the student to be more involved in the learning process and to retain more of the information.

The flexibility that online tutoring offers is one of the most beneficial advantages of online learning. The craziness of running a student to a tutoring session while needing to be somewhere else at the same time is gone. Tutoring in the evenings just got easier, dinner can be cooked while the tutoring is going on in the other room. The house no longer needs to be straightened up before the tutor comes over, saving lots of time. These are all simple things that all add up.

Now tutoring sessions can be set up at any hour that is convenient for the student and the tutor, location no longer plays a role in the process. If a last minute question comes up or an unexpected test, many online tutors are easier to arrange last minute sessions with than private tutors.

The online tutoring sessions are also typically secure programs. A log-in is needed by both the tutor and the tutee, this leads to a more secure session, where your child’s privacy is respected. The tutors can also be checked, many offer email and telephone contact information, along with background information regarding the tutor.

Most tutors even though on-line not only offer, but encourage parental contact so that the progress of the student and any additional needs can be discussed. Many offer weekly updates and suggestions regarding the sessions.

As in any tutoring, different types of students will benefit differently. The struggling students are able to bring up their grades in a comfortable secure setting. The student may feel more at ease using the Internet approach, since they are not sitting face to face with a “teacher”. This may help them to feel more at ease, and to ask the questions that they need answered.

A student that is on level, or above level, will also benefit from online tutoring. This type of student is able to move ahead at the pace they need. The computer based process is typically more interesting than sitting with yet another teacher, allowing the student to feel challenged at the pace that moves them along as needed.

One final benefit is the pricing. Online tutoring is typically cheaper than private tutors. The hourly rate for an online tutor may be lower than that of others, but as with all things, keep in mind that lower rates may reflect lower standards. Some online tutors offer package deals that allow them to cut their rates by allowing blocks of hours at a different rate. This allows the tutor to keep their prices down, and the student to receive the hours needed at a lower rate.

There are many questions that should be asked when choosing a tutor such as: Is the session one-on-one? Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? What subjects do you tutor? Are you a certified teacher? And what hours are you available?

The advantages of online learning truly make online tutoring a pleasant experience for all involved. It is becoming the new way to receive the help that your child needs that fits into most everyone’s schedules and their needs.

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