The Evolution of Online Tutoring

A few days ago, I looked into the Webster Dictionary to look up the definition for the word EVOLUTION and it reads:

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"A process of continuous change from a lower, simpler or worse to a higher, more complex or better state"

Of course, there are other definitions of this word, but I want to focus on this particular one. As you already know, evolution occurs in just about every aspect of life. In other words, things get better. As time moves on, people evolve, technology evolves and services evolve. Yes! Services, such as education and learning, have also evolved, particularly in the field of tutoring.

For years, tutors have tutored their clients in the same fashion; face to face. Whether the tutoring occurred in the library, or in the client's home, it has been done the same way. As a person who has tutored family, friends and colleagues in math, I tutored face to face as well. Since I started my own tutoring practice several years ago, I search for ways to increase my client base. As a person who is a geek for seeking knowledge, I stumbled upon a website that discussed a new type of tutoring: ONLINE TUTORING.

Wow! What a concept! As a tutor, I am able to help my clients with their math and not have to leave home to do so. I also save on gasoline driving band forth to tutor my clients. With tutoring online, I can tutor more clients in a given day, because the time that I use to drive to and from the tutoring session is eliminated. How's that for evolution?

There are many individuals and services that offer tutoring. Many individual tutors do it part-time, so that person can only commit so much time in the day to help a student. As for tutoring services, a student could be paired with a tutor who cannot provide his or her personal attention to the student. As yourself; is your child going to receive the tender loving care that he or she needs from the tutor to improve his or her grades?

Recently, I have dedicated my time to help students with their math on a full-time basis. Yes, my online math tutoring service is available to you up to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because I am full-time, I can give your child the personal attention that he or she needs to improve his or her math skills; without you leaving your home. With the use of the internet, I can provide an online classroom, where your child can work out math problems and communicate with me, thus eliminating the potential fear of connecting with me face to face.

As a parent, I am sure your priority is to help your child get better grades. That is why as a full-time tutor, I can provide FREE ongoing phone consultations when necessary. In addition, you will also have access to our A+ Parenting video series, which can provide further assistance with helping your child achieve better grades in school. As a bonus, I can also communicate with your child's math teacher to assure that your child is getting the best help possible.

My tutoring practice is named MATH MADE EASY TUTORING, and you will discover that my service is more efficient and better than many of the tutoring practices in the area.

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