Characteristics of a Good Online Tutor

The current economic downturn has led to major budget cuts in education. In North Carolina, a state that has been hit particularly hard, a primary way of cutting the budget has been to lay off teachers and remove class size restrictions for grades 4 through 12. Many classes have 30 or more students. Of course this means that it is practically impossible for teachers to provide individual attention and many students do get left behind.

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If a student is having difficulty learning in the classroom environment, a highly skilled tutor can bridge the gap. The ability to empathize with a student’s learning needs is an important characteristic for any tutor. Tutors must also communicate a passion for learning and be humble, affirming, and patient. These characteristics will motivate a student and build confidence. lists 5 additional characteristics that a good tutor will possess:

Preparation – Knowing the learning style of the student is a very important. A great way to do this is have the student respond to a Multiple Intelligence Assessment at The good tutor will then review the topic of study and develop a plan to present the information in a manner that the student will more easily absorb.

Positive Outlook – Regardless of how good or bad an academic situation is, a good tutor will always remain optimistic. The tutor will adjust presentations as needed and provide frequent positive feedback whenever the student shows understanding.

Passion – A sincere desire to help the student. A tutor should never be pious or express a know-it-all attitude. Instead, he or she should express a personal commitment to the individual’s learning. When the student recognizes this commitment, a relationship develops and the student and tutor will be communicating on a deeper level.

Open Mindedness – A good tutor will adjust presentations and readjust again as needed until he or she finds a way to achieve student understanding. This is also a learning opportunity for the tutor. Experimenting with presentation methods and finding new ways to help students will make a tutor exceptional.

Reliability – Being reliable is extremely important to building trust and confidence in the student. Being reliable is much more than just being punctual. It means always doing what you say you will do and never making promises you can’t keep. Developing a trusting relationship with students is one of the most important factors in learning.

TutorFi tutors are caring individuals who sincerely want to a student succeed. We receive great joy from seeing a student who was struggling develop understanding and grow. We also take pride in helping students who are doing well do even better. Seeing a child, or an older student, become motivated, confident, and getting better grades is what it is all about. With caring tutors and a state of the art online tutoring system TutorFi tutors have everything needed to help your child a learn and grow.

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