Benefits of One on One Online Tutoring: Specialized Teaching Methodology

The benefits of one on one online tutoring are very real and pronounced especially in regards to the amount of attention that the student receives and the specialized teaching methodology. Since all of us are different beings (even two twins are different!) and so are the learning and grasping capabilities. You may wonder why your child cannot score as well as his/her sibling though you might be putting the same or even more effort on him/her. The teaching methodology needs to be molded carefully according to the particular needs of your child. With one on one online tutoring your child can get that special attention that might be missing in a big classroom having more than thirty students. Learning capabilities is not the only factor that affects your child’s grades. There are many things that add together to make us the person we are.

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Below are a few factors that dictate the way children learn and the benefits associated with one on one online tutoring.

1. The way he/she feels about himself/herself: It is very important for a child to feel good, positive, healthy, free minded and energetic. We all know the famous proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Physically fit and active children can definitely concentrate better on their studies and balance their fun and study time. With personal attention to your child’s academic progress, certainly a special teach – student bond develops and this helps to understand your child beyond the books and studies.

2. Their attitude towards life - Small little things such as their reaction to certain situations and their response to what elders ask them to do reflect a lot about their attitude towards life. It tells about various traits like optimism or pessimism, how seriously they take what they are asked to do, how do they take the highs and lows in their life, how much do they get affected by their environment and all such things. Attention by the tutor to these small things will help in building a positive attitude in the child.

3. The desire/passion in them to know more - For some students the physics or science laws and concepts may be just facts but some students would like to dig into those laws and think of many questions like why and how. I believe in encouraging the students to think about these questions that if something is happening, what’s the reason behind it? It helps in building strong base of the subject.

4. Introvert or extrovert nature - It is not easy for all the students to raise their hand and ask a question from their teacher in a classroom of more than 30 kids or to go directly to their teacher and ask for problems. Some of them have that hesitation and a negative thought process with various kinds of thoughts in their mind such as “What if the teacher find’s my question stupid or irrelevant?” or “What if other kids laugh at my question?” or “What if the teacher asks me something in return, what will I do!” So a personal tutor in this case can prove to be really helpful in helping the child to open up and speak without any hesitation.

5. Concentration level - Some students get distracted very easily while some remain engrossed in their work without caring what is happening around them. When a student is having a one on one online tutoring session, I believe he/she cannot be easily distracted. Student needs to have a quiet surrounding to be able to hear properly. He/She has a wonderful interactive board to work on. Then there is tutor’s personal attention. Distraction can be controlled by involving the student in discussion, questions, problems etc.

6. Self Confidence level - If one has very low self confidence then he/she may think many times before answering a very simple problem and may not even answer though they have calculated the answer in their mind. A very low confidence level can be developed due to many factors like the attitude of people around him, the lack of appreciation that the child receives or negative environment around him/her. All these things may often not be noticed by the parents but gradually they might deeply affect their children. So we really have to be careful when dealing with children.

7. The stress level that he/she feels - Students’ lives are not simple as they used to be some years back. There is more competition with more and more students competing for limited seats in the universities. There is school homework, tests, presentations, practical assignments, deadlines etc. The clock keeps ticking and every second counts. As a personal guide, mentor and tutor I would try to help your child release this stress so that he/she can really enjoy the best times of their life.

8. Time management - This goes hand in hand with stress level. Imagine that a student has a test tomorrow as well as a pending homework assignment with the same deadline. A student in this dilemma needs to learn how to manage both tasks with equal efficiency so that neither of his/her subjects suffer. With one on one online tutoring, students need to schedule their session in advance. If they keep track of their deadlines and they know them well in advance they can easily schedule a session to discuss the problems he/she faces while doing the homework without really going anywhere and wasting time in traveling. This way your child will be saving a lot of time and will be able to manage such situations pretty well.

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