7 Ways that Online Student Tutoring Can Banish Bad Grades Once and For All

Today’s kids are more electronic and computer oriented than ever. Online student tutoring captures their attention and helps them become more involved in the learning process and retain more information. Struggling students are able to bring up their grades in a comfortable, secure setting in their homes. The student may feel more at ease using online student tutoring since they are not sitting face to face with a teacher. Many students find that they are no longer shy about asking questions and the student receives the one-on-one attention that is missing in a classroom of thirty students. Below are 7 additional ways that online student tutoring can help to banish bad grades once and for all.

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1. Students who are at or above grade level benefit from online student tutoring. They are able to move ahead at their own pace. They find the computer-based process more interesting than sitting with other students in a string of teachers and they feel challenged as they move along at the pace they need.

2. Parents don’t need to buy any more equipment or software. All that is needed is a computer with internet access, speakers and a microphone. This gives instantaneous interaction using a whiteboard as well as speech.

3. Since the tutoring takes place in your home at your computer, you don’t have to take your child to the tutor or straighten up the house before the tutor arrives. The online student tutoring session can be arranged at any hour that is convenient for you and the tutor.

4. Online student tutoring sessions are secure programs. The student and the tutor both need to log-in. Most tutors offer e-mail and telephone contact information as well as background information.

5. Parental involvement is encouraged. Many tutors offer weekly updates and suggestions so that the progress of the student and additional needs can be discussed. Some tutors like to update parents after each session.

6. Online student tutoring is typically cheaper than private tutors. The hourly rate for some online tutors may be lower than that of others, but, keep in mind that lower rates may reflect lower standards. Some online tutors offer package deals which allow them to offer a reduced rate for a block of sessions. This is a win-win situation – the tutor is able to keep the price down and the student receives the hours needed at a lower rate.

7. The parent needs to ask questions when choosing a tutor. Find out if the session is one-on-one. That is, does only one student work with the tutor for the entire hour? Does the tutor offer a satisfaction guarantee? What subjects does the tutor teach? Is there a yearly contract? What is their session cancellation policy?

Stop agonizing. Don’t wait for your child’s grades to get worse and don’t let their self-esteem suffer any longer. Help your child learn to be self-motivating and enjoy learning once again. Banish bad grades once and for all with online student tutoring.

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