Students Prefer Online Tutoring Homework Help

It has become very clear that students prefer online tutoring homework help over traditional tutoring. It can be a very difficult decision for a tutor trying to decide whether to tutor in person or online. However, I have done both and I am aware of the many reasons someone may choose one style over the other, I am partial to online tutoring. Apparently, so are my students. Students that I have worked with were asked to fill out questionnaires and below are some of the comments that they gave regarding why they prefer online tutoring homework help over traditional tutoring.

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"I don't have to travel anywhere to meet up with the tutor. This is less of a disruption to my life and my family's life. If my session runs for an hour from 5-6, I get online at 4:58 and log off at 6:02. No time is wasted!"

"My Mom or Dad can overhear the sessions while still working on whatever they need to do - bathing my siblings, preparing dinner, watching TV... Plus, they can listen to how the tutor helps me through problems and teach me the same way if I need help later on. It helps teach my parents also!"

"I can schedule my sessions around my busy schedule. This is great for kids who are involved in extra-curricular activities or who have a lot of things to do after school. I feel less inhibited while talking to a tutor online than I would if I had to work face-to-face with a tutor, especially when I don't understand something or know the answer."

"I am very shy in class and don't like to approach my teacher or stay after school. However, I feel much more confident working with a tutor online who is there for just the purpose of helping me and only me. He or she won't compare me to my other classmates and make me feel stupid. In class, I feel silly asking questions, but I'm supposed to ask questions during my online session."

"I can email my tutor stuff that we are working on in class after scanning it in, stuff found on my teacher's webpage, pages in online books, etc. I can also work on stuff during the week and email it to my tutor so she can check it out before we get online together."

"The web is a HUGE resource. Often times my tutor and I will leave our online classroom and visit websites to help me understand stuff. For instance, I didn't understand the difference between mitosis and meiosis (cell division) and my tutor found a couple of animations online that helped me understand the processes. The tutoring sessions don't take place just in the online classroom - we go all over the web! My tutor helps me with more than one subject. I can get help in all of my classes from the same person."

"It may be difficult to get a local tutor for certain subjects. However, there are so many available tutors when you are looking for a tutor online. I can live in California and have an online tutor from New York! The prices that online tutors charge are often a little less than what traditional tutors charge. As a college student on a limited budget, I’m more willing to schedule more sessions online with a tutor than I would if I had to meet them personally. Plus it is more convenient since I don’t have a car and can’t travel to meet someone.”

“I LOVE the computer and using technology to learn. Doing homework with pen and paper is boring. Working out the same problems on the online whiteboard is much more fun."

"Time seems to fly by while I'm working online with my tutor. Before I know it, my hour is over and I'm ready to schedule my next online tutoring homework help session."

I’ve used quite a few of these comments when I put together my brochures and discuss my business with potential clients. The statements seem to help convince people that students truly benefit and enjoy online tutoring homework help and that it is a better option than face-to-face tutoring for many reasons. Feel free to incorporate some of the above statements in your advertising strategies and you can soon begin collecting your own comments once you start acquiring your own clients.

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