Benefits of a Private Online Tutor

There are many advantages of a private online tutor. Below are a few ways that online tutoring can benefit students and their families.

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Benefits for the family:

1. Convenience - By having your child log on to the computer at pre-arranged times; tutoring and homework assistance can take place before you even get home from work. If your child is able to log on to a computer, then they can certainly get their own session up and running and have their work done by dinnertime.

2. Affordability - Since neither the student nor the tutor are going anywhere but to their respective computers, the cost per hour is greatly reduced. Some families may have more than one child that needs tutoring assistance or a child may have challenges in more than one subject area. We offer several options for online tutoring from just a few hours a month to up to 16 hours a month for more than one child and more than one subject.

Benefits for the student:

1. Responsibility - Each student can check out their tutor’s schedule and choose the hours that best fit their week. This gives them a better handle on their own time management as well as their organizational skills as they keep track of appointments and assignments they may have in the coming weeks.

2. Customizable - Your child will receive customized sessions that are tailored to assist with current assignments, projects, and homework. Your child will have the opportunity to work on concepts that may need extra attention or re-teaching. Since it is tailored to your child's needs and curriculum, the tutor can focus on areas that your child finds are most challenging.

3. Interactive - Students can ask questions and the tutor can respond by showing samples on the whiteboard as well as explaining everything via the microphone or chat. They can print out pages for further review and study once the session is over.

4. Engaging - Students do their assignments with a tutor in a medium that is familiar and interesting to them.

As the school year progresses and your child's grades do not, consider a private online tutor as an educational option to help your child get back on track.

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