Why Tutoring Help Online is the Future of Education

Tutoring help online is truly the future of education. You only have to look at your local school system to see that there is a problem coming to our traditional school system. As student populations move with their parents and school systems are faced with financial distress, more and more teachers are being laid off or being offered early retirement.

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At the same time, schools are faced with adding more required subjects, longer school days, and higher expectations from politicians and the businesses that are looking for well educated students for future jobs that do not yet exist. Where does this leave the educational system? It leaves it in disarray, as fewer teachers teach more and more students, aides are being employed without the proper training, and even unpaid volunteers are being recruited to help out.

Those teachers who remain are overwhelmed with larger workloads and those few students who need extra help, are now growing to a much larger percentage of the student population. Our schools are becoming assembly lines, where if you do not fit into their mold, you will not move through their traditional system. You are then demoted to alternative schools that are felt by the school system to be less desirable. This is a critical problem that even now creates an underclass of underperforming students who may fail to succeed.

So what is the answer to this dilemma? More time for help with the teacher is one answer but few teachers have any real time to spend in this manner, but that is unrealistic in today's school environment. Peer tutoring is another possible answer, but they are untrained and are not usually prepared to communicate on the level of understanding needed by the tutored student, or fluent in the coursework which the student needs. Home tutoring, is a better alternative but there is a lot of wasted traveling time, inconvenience for the student and teacher and you may be unable to find the right tutor for your student.

The most realistic answer, in my opinion, is to match the student with tutoring help online. An online tutor who is qualified and trained in the subject area you need, prepared to deal with the students on their level, listen to the needs of the student and provide information to help them understand the subject without doing the work for them.

It will be necessary to use technology in which they are most comfortable, the modern computer. And by all means be selective in your choice of tutoring help online. Ask probing questions of the tutor so that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Your decision to employ the services of tutoring help online may help your child keep up with their classes, graduating on time with their classmates, and keep them on the path to the education they will need to succeed in tomorrow’s difficult job environment.

If nothing else remember this, it is not possible to motivate a student as that must come from within the student. It is possible, however to encourage them by providing the tools they need to be successful.

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