Choose the Best Tutor for Your Child

I remember when I was in 8th grade and I just could not comprehend the lessons my Algebra teacher was trying to teach. I would sit up front to make sure I heard everything correctly, but I just did not get the concepts. Soon, my math grade plummeted because I could not figure out how to do the problems.

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My mom, having been a teacher herself, understood that different children learned different ways. She knew that I was not slow, but my test scores were not up to par. So she looked round and found a good math tutor for me. After spending a couple of weeks working on the basics, I slowly began coming round. My grades improved but, more over, I was finally having fun doing the math that just a short time before seemed like Egyptian hieroglyphics to me.

My mom was right: different children learn in different ways. Large classrooms limit the time a teacher can spend on any one child. Not to mention the peer pressure most teens are under when it comes to asking questions in class. Just the thought of being ridiculed by classmates strikes terror in most adolescents' hearts. The one-on-one attention your child receives from an expert tutor can make all the difference and help bring about a child that was flunking or close to doing so.

In order to find the best tutor, the place to start would be with the student's teacher. Talk to the teacher and ask about reputable tutors. If your teacher cannot give you any referrals then talking to other parents could bring about some valid leads.

Once having chosen a suitable tutor, the teaching program should be tailor fitted to your child's specific needs. Also, the approach the tutor takes should make learning a positive experience for your child. Being a one-to-one teaching environment, your child will find that the teaching approach of his/her tutor will be different than what he/she finds in the classroom.

The best way to know that you have chosen the best tutor for your child is that his/her attitude towards learning in general and towards the subject matter being studied in particular will do a one-eighty degree turn. After just a few sessions your child should feel more confident when handling the subject matter at school and when doing his/her homework.

Tutoring should not just focus on boosting grades. That is part of the whole program your child's tutor should be using. Good study habits should be honed and ingrained so as to last a life time. Tutoring is also for those students that want to go beyond what the school curriculum requires. Students that are serious about becoming, for example, engineers, should engage in a serious program that delves deep into advanced mathematics and physics. Any such tutoring program for a student set upon a specific academic goal would be a very good investment in his/her future. The extra effort should pay out dividends in higher test scores and higher college entrance exam (SAT, ACT) scores.

The benefits of a well thought out tutoring program are long term. Not only are grades and test marks improved; the student also gains knowledge, skills and the confidence needed to carry on learning not only through his/her schooling but throughout his/her entire life.

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