5 Ways to Motivate Students to Read

If you want to help motivate your student to read and therefore become a better reader, then follow these five tips.

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1. Avoid forcing reading-If you force your child to read every day for any amount of time, then they will not want to read. Instead, let them see you reading. If they see you reading around the house, then they will want to read also.

2. Model reading yourself-In order to model reading, either check out books at the library or purchase them yourself. Seeing this, students will want to read.

3. Allow students to choose books-If you allow students to choose what they want to read/have read to them, they will be more inclined to read on their own.

4. Start reading to them early-If you start reading to them from a young age, they will want to learn to read early on.

5. Encourage students to read books/articles of interest to them-If the students read what they like outside of school, then they will be more inclined to read whenever they get the chance.

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