4 Steps to Figure Out If Your Child Needs a Tutor

When your child comes home upset over grades most parents will rush to try to resolve the problem for their child – no matter what the child's age! Sometimes, it just takes a little patience to help the child in finding the answer to the problem. You may even need to consider various options if your child needs a tutor.

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In my opinion, there are a few simple steps to start with:

1. To me, the first thing to do is to have both parents (if available) look at the textbook and try to assist the child to overcome the problems he/she is challenged with.

Each parent should attempt this at a separate time from the other so the student is not overwhelmed. If there is any tension, it is best to not push this option very far. Even a college professor can face a challenge when trying to help his/her own child with a school problem.

2. The second option I would suggest is for the parents to schedule a sit-down with the instructor for the class their student is having problems in (especially if it is limited to just one class). This can be quite enlightening on both sides. The instructor may not be aware that the student is under undue stress in their classroom and can try to be more aware of the student's body language during class-time.

This would be a great time for the parents to ask the instructor for suggestions in obtaining additional assistance for the student; whether the instructor thinks the student needs a tutor or if an older classmate could help.

3. If a student is having problems in multiple classes, it might be a socializing problem. In other words, the student might be more interested in talking and passing notes (socializing) than in learning the lessons. A lot of students go through a phase such as this and it is not a cause for serious alarm.

Parents will simply need to find a tool to redirect their child's aim. They might need to get professional help to find that tool, but it is doable. It could be anything from obtaining a tutor to enrolling them in a sport!

4. If your child is often saying comments such as “I can never understand what any of my teachers are talking about” or “I study each and every day of the week before each test and still do not pass”, then you might want to rule out medical problems; whether your child may just need regular glasses or if it’s something more serious like dyslexia, etc.

After medical problems and disability challenges are ruled out, I would seriously consider if your child might need a tutor. In today's world, there are several tutoring options. You can use a tutor who comes to your home, you can use a tutor who is in a local 'corporate'/company office; you can even use the resources of a tutor half way around the world, via the internet! Whatever option you decide to use for a tutor, if you deem it necessary, make the decision based upon the needs and requirements that are best for your family.

Having the tutor available online will remove the requirement of driving the student to/from an office or having a 'stranger' in your home. The student can schedule the tutoring at the time most convenient for him/her.

There are a few options for obtaining tutoring for your student after you have decided it is needed. Below is a list of things to consider when pondering whether to use me or another tutoring service, I have tried to include most of the options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tutoring Option #1- A Learning Center

- Long 'cookie-cutter' assessment given to all students

- Qualified tutors

- Overseen by a director

- Screenings

- Extremely expensive

- Must drive to/from location

- Tutoring is usually in a group setting; often up to 5 students to 1 tutor

- Does not excite most students

Tutoring Option #2- A Private Tutor

- Tutor will drive to your home in some cases

- Qualified tutors

- 1 on 1 tutoring

- Negotiable pricing

- Prices range from medium to high

- Tutors might not be screened

- Scheduling can be a hassle

- Driving to meet tutor

- Intimidating to most students

Tutoring Option #3- General Online Tutoring

- Don't have to leave home

- Technology kids love

- Cheap

- Most don't offer voice inside online classroom

- Never the same tutor twice

- Tutors are not screened

- Many services have up to 5 students working with 1 tutor

- Impossible to find caring tutors

Tutoring Option #4- BestTutoringOnline.com (these are just some of the advantages to working with me)

- Don't have to leave home

- Technology kids love

- Tutoring from any computer

- I will be consulting with your child/student on a regular basis

- Extra emphasis placed on study skills

- Online tutoring with voice

- Tutoring lessons can be printed for review and put into study binder

- Easy online scheduling

- Students work with the same tutor; 1 on 1 ratio of student to tutor

- Was trained by to be an exceptional tutor

- Guaranteed results

- Not the least expensive option

- One needs only about 10 to 15 minute to do the set up process for the microphone

Other services that I offer include:

- Free ongoing phone consultations with me, I will care and help you understand the subjects I am tutoring your student/child with. This will help to reduce all of your student/child's academic setbacks and increase the accomplishments.

- The use of online tutoring without leaving home will reduce the stress and challenges of face-to-face tutoring for your student/child.

- Free A+ Parenting videos designed to make parenting easy for your clients, sent to parents after phone consultation.

- My experience as a tutor and educator

- Guaranteed success for your clients

- Communication with your child's teachers to keep both the teachers and you, the parents, in the loop for the enhancement of the child's learning successful results.

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