Why Online Tutoring Is Worth More Than Parental Tutoring

On a gorgeous May afternoon, twenty five years ago, two young men graduated from the same university. They were very similar to one another. Both had an above average education, both with good personality and both were filled with great dream careers after graduating college.

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Just the other day, these two college graduates met the other day at their 25th reunion.

They were very much similar. Both had children and a successful marriage. Both had a career that they were passionate about. Yes, both have worked for the same Northeast Corporation since graduating college.

But, the two of them were completely different from one another. One was the COO and the other was a senior electrical engineer. They had the same academics and the same amount of experience at the same company. Yet, their lives were complete opposites of one another.

Why Such A Difference Between Them

Have you ever wondered what made one person a great success in life and one a mediocre run-of-the-mill employee? It is not the wants and yearnings of one’s life that makes the difference. It is how they develop their thinking and strategic ways of dealing with everyday situations. Reading from the book one succeeds; thinking outside the box one succeeds even more.

Tutoring Style Like No Other Today

We see that online tutoring makes one think for themselves and independently find new strategies to get the right answers. Students that are book taught by teachers and parents also succeed; but not all. This is why online tutoring teaches their students many new ways to seek answers that seem impossible to grasp.

Affordable Solution To Become A Leader Tomorrow

Ten minutes ago I finished a one hour tutor lesson. I spoke for five minutes with the parents and they were amazed at how their kids can do exponential mathematics. The parents loved the class review emailed to them for their records and tracking the increasing success rate in school.

A Free Tour Of The School

Parents get a free tour of the school and understand the way their child would learn. The ease of learning found online is unavailable with parent tutoring. Plus, the ease of time because of busy schedules make online tutoring even better. Parents can worry about other issues with their daily lives while their child can strive easily to become the leader of tomorrow.

The two classmates I mentioned earlier; what happened to them? They both became successful in their fields. What made them different is only one thing:
Intelligence. Useful intelligence. And how to use its application for success.

Investment In Intelligence

I cannot guarantee that online tutoring will make your kid a genius overnight. But, I can guarantee that you child will be intrigued and inspired to use their curiosity and intellect to further succeed in their studies and become a great leader for their generation.

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