Free Online Mathematics Tutoring Demonstration for Parents

Attention parents, there is an amazing free online mathematics tutoring demonstration available for you and your child. This free demonstration will show how our unique 1 on 1 tutoring helps boost your child's grades. In addition to showing you our unique 1 on 1 math tutoring demonstration, we will share with you how to get a no risk introductory offer. This no risk introductory offer will also include other free bonuses and a free phone consultation about your child’s learning needs. There are 5 steps to this no risk introductory offer:

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Plus, receive a "Live Demonstration Inside Our Unique 1 On 1 Online Classroom."
Step 1: Visit for a live demonstration of what your child will experience. In this demonstration you will see and hear how our online tutors will interact with your child during their online mathematics tutoring session. Notice how the tutor guides the child into coming up with the answers using the tools your child is already comfortable using. Your child’s familiarity with the tools also brings excitement to the tutoring session as he or she points and clicks their way to understanding. Now before we go any further let’s find out some more information about me, your tutor, and how I can help your child improve their grades.

Step2: Visit to find information about tutors, subjects offered by your tutor, related articles, reports and tips that will help parents, and an opportunity to submit some information about you and your child.

Step 3: Submit your contact information on the form in step 2 and you, the parent, will receive a free consultation and a free report on how to motivate your child in school.

Step 4: Have a phone consultation with your tutor. During your parent phone consultation we will discuss your child’s math history, learning styles or disabilities, any other free reports you have received from me, and your goals for your child.

Step 5: Take the no risk introductory offer for your child. This offer includes a free phone consultation about your child’s learning needs, a one hour online tutoring session, two free bonuses that will greatly help your child in school. The first bonus is a self study skills evaluation. This evaluation points out exactly where your child is lacking in the study process. The second bonus is a straight A strategy eBook and is the companion for the self study skills evaluation. Once the study skill problem has been identified, your child will adopt the same study habits of other straight "A" students. Plus you will have access to our A+ parenting video series that contains reports, handouts, and links to information that will provide your child with the necessary skills and habits to improve their grades.

Now parents, if you have viewed our 3 minute online mathematics tutoring demonstration from step 1, viewed the information from step 2, submitted information about you and your child in step 3, received a phone consultation and your free report on how to motivate your child in school from step 4, and have not taken advantage of our no risk introductory offer from step 5 yet then, all I can say is the methods we use have been proven to work, so results are guaranteed if you and your child follow the program.

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