Checklist for Homework

Creating a checklist for homework can help your child prioritize and complete their homework in a timely fashion. Does your child struggle with getting ALL their homework done? When they come home from school, do they run straight to the TV? If so the following checklist for homework can help you develop a system to get homework done in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your time as a family. Make sure your child completes each step within each category below on a daily basis.

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After School

• Mark new dates on your calendar/planner

• Finish your homework

• Proofread assignments

• Put all your work in your book bag

• Put book bag in designated location

• Mark study time for the next day in your planner

• Set alarm clock for tomorrow morning

In The Morning

• Eat breakfast

• Leave home in plenty of time for school

During Study Time

• Date all your notes

• Review all your notes

• Double check due dates

By utilizing this simple checklist for homework your child will be able to complete their homework more quickly and efficiently and enable your family to spend more quality time together.

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