All Children Can Achieve Excellence

Any and all children can achieve excellence during their educational career. All it takes is a little assistance from a caring educator and parent or guardian. To help the child in your life, make sure to stay in constant contact with their teacher, have a conversation when they arrive from school, and praise the child even if they accomplish something small.

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Your child's teacher is your best advocate. They are able to asses behavior and academic achievement simply because of the time spent on a daily bases. As a teacher, I have the incite to help parents or guardians better assist their child. I have many students however I treat them all as individuals. I know this is true for my colleagues as well. We all welcome our parents or guardians to visit and sit in their child's classroom to watch what goes on daily.

When a child comes home, they really want to talk about their day. This doesn't have to be a long conversation just enough to show you care. Children are constantly looking for approval, and talking with them is a great way to show it. Children can achieve when they know that their parents are behind them 100 percent.

When a child comes home with an A, he or she knows they are going to get praise. I believe all children deserve praise, even for a C. I always put all kinds of work on my bulletin board, because every child takes pride in their work, especially when highlighted. I also find if I highlight a C, the children are more apt to try harder the next time to achieve a higher grade.

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