Cut College Costs - Hire a Tutor

Many parents only consider hiring a tutor when their student is in danger of failing a subject. Once this happens, much time and effort is required to discover and correct problems that are causing poor performance. This is particularly true in math subjects where a misunderstood concept can prevent understanding of everything that follows. Often, there is insufficient time remaining in the school term to catch up.

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Tutors working with a student over a long period of time can prevent a crisis and can often change good performance into outstanding performance. Grades and test scores can make a huge difference in available college options and financial aid. Outstanding test scores and grades are achievable with superior in-depth understanding of the material. Regular tutoring can ensure proper understanding and correct problems before they become significant.

College costs range from $20,000 to $60,000 per year according to CNN Money. A student with outstanding preparation can often graduate in less than 4 years and is very likely to get significant financial aid. A student with so-so preparation may take longer than 4 years to graduate and get less financial aid. The difference between good and excellent preparation can mean a large difference in the cost of a college education.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in March 2014, people with a high school diploma earned an average of $651 per week, whereas, people with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $1108 per week. This is an increase in income of 70 per cent for the college graduate. Over a career, this can add up to about a million dollars difference. People who go on to get advanced degrees earn even more.

Ensuring your child has a real opportunity to get a good college education and minimizing its cost can be the result of effective tutoring in high school. Investing in a tutor even when your student appears to be doing well can often produce huge financial returns both while the student is in college and afterwards.

Today's students can take advantage of a Plano online tutor from the convenience and safety of their own home. A parent can observe all or any part of a tutoring session simply by watching the student interacting with the tutor through an electronic whiteboard on a computer screen. In addition to helping a student with homework, the tutor can assess understanding of concepts and provide corrections as necessary. He can also provide additional practice to develop the student's "mental muscle memory".

If all is going well, a tutor may be able to provide deeper insight into the material and challenge the student to explore additional related topics and extra credit projects. He can also give a preview of concepts that are coming up later in the course allowing the student to understand them more easily. Being ahead of the class instead of behind builds the student's confidence and motivation.

Today, most high school age children are quite comfortable using computers to communicate and learn. Interacting with a Plano online tutor through an interactive classroom eliminates the often intimidating effect of face-to-face contact while still retaining the benefits of direct one-on-one communication. Use of the computer provides a point of focus which cuts down on distractions and enhances the interaction.

The student and the tutor can also share files in real-time or in advance as well as share any material available on the internet. This provides the same reliability of communication as physically being in the same room looking at the same thing. Assignment sheets, worksheets, and even text pages can be scanned or photographed and then shared as well. This avoids any confusion as to what is being discussed.

Using regularly scheduled sessions, the student learns to effectively manage his time, to develop good study habits, and maintain focus. This tends to avoid procrastination and last-minute "cramming" which is a very ineffective way to learn. The student and tutor can "plan ahead" together and both be prepared for the next session so as to maximize the impact of each session. The tutor can determine which learning method is most effective for each student and apply that knowledge during the sessions to enhance the experience.

Regular feedback to the parents on the student's progress can be provided and, if appropriate, shared with teachers and counselors. This allows parents to provide encouragement and support as well as get early warning of any problems that develop. This avoids the possible surprise of a less than expected grade report after it is too late to do anything about it.

Hiring a Plano online tutor can be a great investment in your child's future even if he or she appears not to be having any problems. The return on investment can be enormous. At the very least it can protect against missed opportunities and wasted classroom time.

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