Education in Schools Today: Problems and Solutions

I have almost 40 years of experience in dealing with adolescents, both educationally and therapeutically. There are some critical issues that have brought me into the field of tutoring. Education in schools today and, particularly special education, is in a drastic state. Rigor has been virtually removed from education.

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Some of you may be familiar with the "readability" scales. There is a research based formula that can ascertain the readability of any portion of text. There are, currently, calculators online; and you may try this for yourself; that will give you an accurate grade level of any text you type in. As an experiment, I typed in a portion of text and got a grade level equivalent of 11.32. That is almost a high school senior’s level. Not noteworthy, but let me tell you where I got the text: from my mother's 4th grade McGuffey reader!

Teachers have NOT done this. This is a result of politicians running your child's education in schools today. Is it any wonder your child has difficulty? Imagine, now that the universities that teach these ridiculous philosophies are now confronted by parents and children attempting to gain access to their school. Whatever will they do? They will take one semester's money, place the student on academic probation, take another semester's money and cut this child away.

Your child may be having difficulties because education in schools today have removed rigor and substituted political pandering at the cost of your child's education. Learning will not occur without rigor, and proficiency will not occur without PRACTICE. This is the primary reason I have entered the field of tutoring and signed with TutorFi.

You need honest assessment as to why your child is having difficulties. It may be missing basics or a lack of extracurricular practice. A child will not become proficient in reading, math or writing that will guarantee success by only doing in-class work. We will assess your child's needs because a plan of remediation cannot be developed without knowing the PROBLEM. We will work out a process that will systematically assist your child to gain valuable skills the system has omitted in order to make their job easier including how to study; a skill that has been omitted for a long time. These issues may exceed just remediation of basics and enter into the areas of counseling and general life management. We are qualified to provide help and support in all these areas.

Our Planet and our Children are the only real important features of our existence. Don't let your child throw their education "out the window" in the midst of our lacking education in schools today because it looks easier in the short run. We CAN help. We WILL help.

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