Five Simple Suggestions for Finding the Best English Tutor Online

If you’re reading this, you’ve seen many ads and websites promising you the best English tutor online; a tutor who will teach you how to speak English like a native-speaker, write English well, perfect your grammar, or get A’s in English. It seems that each site has hundreds of English tutors who are eager to help you or your child. How can you “weed out” the ones who aren’t for you and select the best English tutor online who will help your English flourish and bloom?

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Finding the Best English Tutor Online Tip #1- Think about why you need a tutor. Do you need a tutor to help your child with reading, spelling, vocabulary and composition? Maybe you need to “brush up” on your own English so it will be easier to understand technical manuals or to communicate more effectively and command respect at work. Do you need help to be certain that your website really says what you intend it to say?

Finding the Best English Tutor Online Tip #2- Think about the tutor’s qualifications. Is their degree in English? Some tutors have multiple degrees and their resumes are studded with various splendid honors. But, this may not actually help you learn what you want to learn.

Is the tutor’s experience in education only? Sometimes this is very valuable but oftentimes, business experience is just as valuable. For instance, a tutor with executive secretarial experience has a wealth of real-world business knowledge to impart and will be able to help you with grammar, spelling, composition and vocabulary.

Finding the Best English Tutor Online Tip #3- Think about why your tutor is charging what he or she charges. Is the price too good to be true? Some tutors charge a very low rate for the first few sessions and then raise the rate. I heard of a tutor who raised his prices three times in six weeks! Do you really believe that you can get a qualified, professional, caring, pleasant English tutor online to help you for such little money? Keep in mind the fact that a caring tutor will spend a great deal of time preparing for your tutoring session so that each session suits your needs.

Some tutoring companies use non-native English speakers to teach English to ESL students. Don’t you think this is like the blind leading the blind? Some tutors are not professionals and they pretend to offer you a service for lower than normal prices. I’m sure you have seen their ads which contain English mistakes and promise that you will have a lot of fun. Let’s face it; learning is work ...with an occasional laugh.

Finding the Best English Tutor Online Tip #4- Where is the tutoring company located? If they are located in a non-English speaking country, most of their tutors will be non-native speakers. They charge less but their standards are lower. A less expensive tutor may not have a degree from an accredited university. They may not even have a degree or they may have one from a “diploma mill.”

Finding the Best English Tutor Online Tip #5- Don’t dismiss a young tutor who is just starting to teach or an older person who is making a career change and has started to tutor. These people have more of a desire to help you succeed. Sometimes, they care more about your progress than someone who has tutored for a long time. A lot of these tutors have mentors to guide them, so it’s almost like getting input from two tutors.

More good ways to find the best English tutor online include considering the following questions:

- Does the tutor offer hours that suit your schedule?
- Can you contact the tutor directly if you have a question or need to talk with him or her?
- Do you have to sign a contract?
- Does the tutoring company let you have the same tutor for each session? Just like the song lyrics, “Once you have found her (or him), never let her (or him) go.”

It is very important that you talk to the tutor to see if you are comfortable with him or her. If you or your child can’t develop a rapport with the tutor, it will never work for either of you, regardless of the tutor’s qualifications or rates.

By keeping these simple suggestions in mind you will quickly and easily be able to find the best English tutor online for you or your child.

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