Finding a Tutor: The Genius or a Great Communicator?

When finding a tutor for your child which type of tutor should you select? Should you choose a genius in the subject area or a great communicator?

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The answer is simple: Choose the great communicator each and every time. Let's examine the issue of finding a tutor for your child in more depth.

A genius in a subject area has achieved a level that your child aspires to reach. That is a valid premise.

However, it does not necessarily follow that the same genius level tutor can tutor your child to reach that same lofty academic goal. For example, if you are seeking an SAT tutor, then should you select one that has achieved a perfect score of 2400 or near perfect score? No. Frequently, prodigies are able to assimilate information in a manner that cannot be taught to others. However, if you choose an SAT tutor that has an above average score with a system that can be taught, then your child's chances of success rise dramatically. Remember systems can be duplicated, people can't.

So when finding a tutor for your child that is both effective and helpful it’s more important to focus on the tutor’s communication skills rather than their own personal level of achievement.

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