Is it Time to Get a Tutor?

So how do you know when it’s time to get a tutor? Many children go through a love/hate relationship with school. They may love a subject one year because they had a great rapport with the teacher. Next year may bring endless struggle with that same subject because of different expectations, learning styles and social connections. Thus is the life of our school-aged children.

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As we coach our kids over the educational, social and emotional hurdles, we do our best to celebrate the victories no matter how small, and minimize the damage done by hurtful situations. And so we move through the school years giving our best to each of our children as track their way toward adulthood.

Yet, there are times when all of our efforts just don’t seem to be enough. We have spent time helping with homework, meeting with teachers, giving pep talks and lectures and at times resorting to taking away privileges—all in the hope of helping our child turn the academic corner.

When all of our well-intentioned attempts do not seem to warrant success, it may be time to get some outside assistance and get a tutor. This may be the best solutions for several reasons:

1. It preserves your parent/child relationship and allows someone more objective to help with academic needs.

2. A tutor can see the gaps in education that may be causing the current problem and work one-on-one with your child to bridge those gaps.

3. What you may see as laziness or lack of motivation may be a learning issue that needs to be addressed. A tutor can help assess the situation and offer suggestions that will give you better strategies for success.

There are many benefits to tutoring that can help your child realize his/her potential. To get a tutor contact us today and we’ll help you determine the best direction for your child so that he/she can face academic challenges with a sense of confidence and success.

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