What Makes a Good Tutor: Four Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Tutor

What are the characteristics of a good tutor? A good tutor should possess four qualities every parent should look for. These are not the only ones, but are a good foundation to start with.

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Good Tutor Quality #1- The first characteristic of a good tutor is knowledge of the subject. You will want to have the person that works with your child possess the skills to present a clear and complete picture of what is needed for them to successfully understand the material. Selecting a tutor with this first characteristic will ensure many hours of satisfying results in your child's learning and progress.

Good Tutor Quality #2- Professionalism is something that should be expected from anyone that is in any business that you seek service from. No matter the size, or owner involvement, being professional is important. How a tutor portrays himself or herself to the parent and child, from the initial consultation, to the first session will be the judge of how professional this tutor will be, and whether you will continue to use them.

Good Tutor Quality #3- The third characteristic of a good tutor that should be sought by a parent is that of attentiveness to a client's needs. As a parent is compensating a tutor for their services, would you want someone that is going to be average, or someone that is going to be above average? The later choice is the one that many parents would select time and again. Any tutor can answer questions a child may have, but a tutor that can address an underlying problem and correct it, is one that cares, desiring success in your child's work as well.

Good Tutor Quality #4- The final characteristic of a good tutor is having common sense. Book knowledge is fine when presenting to somebody on the same level of understanding but they must also have the common sense to take a difficult subject or problem and present little tips and tricks to help achieve learning. Being able to present how to go from point A to point C in theory in fine, but not knowing how point B is in the mix, does not help very much.

A tutor with all of these characteristics is not of the norm. But a good tutor that wants to have a proper relationship with you as the parent and your child is well worth the level of compensation set for all tutorial sessions. Remember, you will always pay for quality not just quantity in that which you seek and desire.

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