Improve Grades by Increasing Parental Involvement

By increasing parental involvement in your child’s academics you can increase their chances of academic success. Any successful student needs wise parental guidance. Parent-to-parent, this can best be achieved by praise and rewards for excellent work. Much too often, parents tend to dwell on the negative actions/grades, thus minimizing student success. By increasing parental involvement and rewarding your child in a positive light, many students respond by doing as well as possible. This self-perpetuating activity is "contagious" and thus leads to better positive outcomes.

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As a parent, I have used the methodology of increasing parental involvement with my own child and now she is taking pre-advanced placement coursework. It starts out early in the elementary years by reviewing homework and having her correct her own mistakes. This leads to her checking her own work for errors and correcting them.

As a tutor, I can teach any student, at any age how to perform better on their homework. This may take a short amount of time or a longer amount of time, depending upon the unique level of maturity. My ultimate goal is to not only teach every child to be successful, self-reliant and have the self-confidence to try new subject matter but to teach parents the value of increasing parental involvement.

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