An Online Private Tutor: Blending Public Schooling with Private Education

Parents may want to consider providing their child with an online private tutor to better blend public schooling and private education. Private school versus public school is an issue most all parents consider at least once over the course of their children's education. Many parents would love to enroll their children in a private school. Unfortunately, high tuition costs or wrong location keep so many families from experiencing the private school lifestyle. While private schooling is on the rise, the majority of United States students attend public schools. However with basic technology and affordable rates, parents are discovering they can get the best of both worlds by hiring an online private tutor for their public school children.

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As a result of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), our students are faced with higher education standards, and more rigorous testing requirements. While many parents want their children to experience all the wonderful programs offered within the public schools, they also feel a need to give their children that one-on-one focused instruction that private schools are typically known for. An online private tutor gives any public school student the opportunity to receive professional private individualized instruction.

While online tutoring is not intended to take the place of any private or public school instruction, it is a wonderful way to provide the extra help that many students need to succeed. Homework is an area of concern for most students. Most, if not all teachers expect students to complete and turn in homework assignments on time. All too often by the time a student gets home from school and can sit down to begin homework assignments, he/she is tired and has forgotten some things about the lesson material. If there is no one at home who can help the student, the frustration begins. Many parents are too busy, not available, or lack the understanding to help each night with homework. These conditions usually result in the student just giving up and not completing homework. An online private tutor offers support for students and can give them the confidence they need to improve homework skills.

Today's schools offer a wonderful variety of extracurricular activities. Not only are students expected to succeed academically, but many participate in extracurricular events throughout the year. With this comes more time for team practice and travel, and less time to study and do homework. Many of these students are spread very thin, and tend to fall behind with class work. A private online tutor caters to the student's schedule and can be done in the comfort of the home. It can give the student a chance to get caught up with class work and even stay a little ahead of the lesson material.

Using a private online tutor is literally at any student's fingertips. For a fraction of the cost for private school tuition, a family can invest in computer internet service and enroll their children in private one-on-one online tutoring. Parents can research the different tutoring options available, and pick who they feel is best for their child. Parents should choose professional tutors who are willing and eager to communicate and work with their student's school teacher to provide the best individualized help.

Whether your child is enrolled in public school or private school, and online private tutor gives parents an affordable way to "blend" the two institutions together. An online private tutor allows parents to give their public school child a taste of private school instruction.

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