Four Things a Private Online Tutor Cannot Do For Your Child

Obtaining the services of a private online tutor is an excellent choice to help your child if they are falling behind in school or lacking motivation and confidence. The time spent with a private online tutor can provide the needed skills to boost student's grades, attitude and performance. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain things a professional private tutor cannot, or will not, do for your child.

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Do This for Me Please

Children often ask and expect a private online tutor to do their homework for them. A professional tutor will never give in to this sort of request. Instead the tutor will focus on building the student's confidence and attitude in regards to their school work. A professional tutor helps a student to see how to work through difficult tasks, thus reinforcing the need for the student to work on their own even as they help make it a possibility.

Impossible Expectations

Children will often procrastinate and begin studying for a test far too late. They often believe a crash session with a tutor will help them get all of the important points just in time. It is true that tutors can help with study skills and strategy. However, a private online tutor is never a replacement for consistent studying and hard work; those are exactly the skills they will try to instill in your child.

Professional tutors work hard to help their students build confidence and academic independence. Do not be surprised if your child complains that a tutor is making them work too hard. This is what tutors do best; increase the level of your child's competence, responsibility, and academic independence.

Get Me Out of This Mess

Students often believe that a private online tutor exists as a cure-all for poor academic performance. It is wrong to assume that poor test scores can be alleviated with a few sessions with a tutor. While grades and academic performance of students with private tutors do indeed improve over time, a professional tutor may very well discontinue with students who simply want quick GPA fixes.

Tutors attempt to help students who need consistent help while catching up in difficult subjects. A tutor cannot truly help a student who is reluctant to commit to a period of hard work and their best effort.

Tell Me What to Do

Lastly, a private online tutor cannot help your child if they are not prepared for their tutoring sessions. Keep you tutor up-to-date by sending them updates or e-mails about what your child is studying in school. Alternatively, you might also consider putting the tutor in direct contact with the student's teacher to keep you out of the middle. This will help your tutor be prepared to address needed subjects and make the most out of each tutoring session.

In turn for keeping your tutor informed of student needs, a private online tutor is able to address the progress a student is making and make personalized recommendations for further study as needed. This constant feedback from student to tutor, and tutor to student, is what makes the tutoring relationship so powerful.

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