8 Tips toward Better Time Management for Children

Time management is essential if one is to attain success in whatever it is they wish to accomplish. Oftentimes, time management for children is difficult with all the fun distractions out there! As parents and educators, it's important to teach our children and students to make wise choices in managing their time. Use the following tips toward better time management for children and help them get organized.

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1. Use a planner or calendar with enough space to write down your assignments, tests, or projects.

2. Take a few minutes each day to look over your calendar. Pay attention to your upcoming assignments. Also take this time to update your to-do list.

3. Make a list of all tasks required to complete a major assignment. Take your large assignments and break into small manageable parts with realistic goals and deadlines.

4. Look over all that you need to complete and decide what is most important. Complete this assignment first.

5. While day-to-day to-do lists are great to keep you organized, remember that there will always be interruptions and distractions. Be flexible and try to allow time for them.

6. Save your most difficult work for the times when you are at your best.

7. Do not take on too much. Learn to say "no" to activities that you are not committed to finishing.

8. Carry a small notepad or flash cards for studying when you are waiting or standing in long lines.

By following these simple tips you will assist in teaching time management for children.

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