Tutors Helping Teachers and Their Students

The number of tutors helping teachers and their students has grown exponentially. First of all, it goes without saying our country's education system has changed dramatically over the last fifty years. Once lending itself as a learning institution focused on academics and its teachers and their students, it has now become seasoned and somewhat tainted with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, late night contests, early morning practices, clubs, organizations, committees, technology upgrades, and rigorous testing programs. In all of this craziness however, a new hero has risen. Private, online tutors have come to the forefront and in increasing numbers its tutors helping teachers and their students that are making a difference in today’s classroom.

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It has become governed by state and federal mandated laws whose officials are strangers to the front lines of the classroom. It is a money-making vehicle for many businesses and publishing companies who compete to sell products. These "educational extras" have added enrichment, flavor, accountability, and excitement to our schools. However, they require time and attention, causing teachers and their students to be spread very thin on a very busy schedule. More time is spent on doing and going, while less time is spent on studying and learning.

Many of us can remember the time when teachers provided structured routine instruction while being spontaneous and flexible, addressing the question at hand, and "seizing the moment" with their students. It was then when very valuable and unforgettable learning took place. Unfortunately, today's classroom teachers are expected to stay on a rigid and unforgiving schedule geared to prepare students for upcoming standardized exams. There is no time for teachers to stray off this strict schedule. No longer can teachers take time to venture off and explore those unexpected questions that crop up within a lesson arousing the students' curiosity and interest.

Teachers don't have sufficient time to make sure every student masters the concept at hand well enough to successfully move on to the next skill. Instead, it's a push-push, hurry-hurry, "we've got to move on" environment. Teachers are pressured into simply "covering" the topics, but are not given the time to really "teach" the topics. The word ‘teach’ is defined as "to cause to know how". It takes time, sometimes more than one might expect, and various strategies to teach a group of students. Even the very best teacher with all the special tricks up their sleeve must have adequate time to teach and reach students. How unfortunate it is that our wonderful, educated, talented, and passionate teachers are being placed on such tight schedules and not given the time to teach their students in ways they feel are best.

This busy, fast paced, hectic education system is taking a huge toll on students and families. While some students can handle fast paced instruction, others have a very difficult time keeping up. They find themselves struggling and falling behind way too often and soon. Parents too are overwhelmed. Most are working full time, and are doing all they can to help their kids to succeed in school. What's the answer to all this? If only we could wave a magic wand and slow down the hand of time giving everyone the time they need to get everything done correctly, completely and thoroughly each day. Though there is no cure-all for all issues and problems within our schools, private tutoring is a very realistic, affordable, and available help remedy. Increasingly the scenario is played out- tutors helping teachers and their students.

More and more parents are hiring private tutors to give their children extra help and instruction. Parents are realizing this is a very wise decision and a necessary investment in their children's education. From the comfort of home, these students are working with their very own private online tutor, and wonderful things are happening. Students are gaining confidence, improving understanding, and raising grades.

What are the teachers saying? Teachers realize more than anyone how important it is that students receive extra help at home and are thrilled to have tutors helping their students. Teachers expect students to study and practice their lessons at home. They encourage students to get any extra help needed to complete their lessons, learn the material, and be successful. Again, teachers are so very busy and are spread so thin, they certainly appreciate tutors who are willing to step in, get involved and commit to the students.

Yes, our country's education system is in a constant state of change and reform. Our students are busier than ever. They have more to learn with academic requirements becoming more strict and demanding. They have more activities they are expected to participate in which takes up more of their time. Teachers and parents are working full time and doing more and more as well. Tutors are playing a vital role in the education system. Professional tutors are committed to helping students learn. They can re-teach and reinforce the skills and concepts introduced in the classroom. Tutors helping teachers and their students is truly a win-win situation.

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