Three Simple Steps to Learning Biology

Everyone thinks that biology is about memorization, but that is a myth! Learning biology involves understanding the concepts and memorizing them as a result.

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Learning Biology Tip #1- The first step to learning biology is understanding the idea. Ask questions about every little part until you don’t have any more questions. For example, if you are studying polyatomic atoms and are learning to name them, you might ask why only some polyatomic atoms that end with O3 have a name ending in -oate, or what the difference is between a covalent and ionic bond is.

Learning Biology Tip #2- Once you have understood all the parts, it is important to practice. Sticking with the example of naming polyatomic atoms, you could practice naming polyatomic atoms until you know them like the back of your hand.

Learning Biology Tip #3- By practicing naming polyatomic atoms, you will in turn master and memorize the process. The goal of learning biology is not to memorize, that only guarantees that the concept is memorized. Instead, the goal of learning is to learn. This ensures that the concept is understood, and comprehension is always coupled with memorization.

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