Creating an Effective Learning Environment for ADD ADHD Kids

Working and creating an effective learning environment for ADD ADHD kids can be a challenge. However, if you’re familiar with the disorder and how to effectively combat the behaviors, ADD ADHD kids can be successful students and learners.

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Your child can’t finish homework, he’s always moving, and he gets distracted easily. Are these behaviors recognizable in your home? Students with Attention Deficit Disorder are easily distracted and they also can be a distraction to others. Attention Deficit Disorder is a syndrome characterized by serious and persistent difficulties in three areas: attention span, impulse control, and hyperactivity (sometimes).

ADD/ ADHD is a chronic disorder that can begin in infancy and extend through adulthood, having negative effects on a child's life at home, school, and within the community. It is conservatively estimated that 5-10% of our school-age population is affected by ADD ADHD.

Establishing the proper learning environment at home can make all the difference for both you and your child. Try these great ways to help enhance your ADD/ ADHD child’s learning journey. They work!

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #1- Be creative! Create a special work space just for learning. All members of the family can use this space, just as long as they are “learning”. Have just the basics available like paper, sharpened pencils, erasers, and any other necessary tools for learning nearby, but not at the table where your child is working. The items could become an unnecessary distraction.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #2- Have others in the home spend their time reading or doing some other noiseless activity somewhere else so your child is not easily distracted during homework or learning time.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #3- Avoid distracting stimuli. Try not to place your child near air conditioners, high traffic areas, heaters, doors or windows.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #4- Children with ADD/ ADHD do not handle change well, so avoid transitions, physical relocation, changes in schedule, and disruptions. Stick to a predictable routine whenever possible.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #5- Many ADD/ ADHD kids love video games and computer time! Use video games and computer time as a reward for getting their homework done. Or choose to have your child tutored online as a learning option to help with homework so you can spend time observing his learning, instead of struggling with it.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #6- At the end of the learning time and once homework is finished; help your child stay organized consistently by establishing a cleanup routine. Make sure to get his backpack packed for the next day, so it is ready to grab and go the next morning.

ADD ADHD Kids Learning Tip #7- Be positive! Your child’s learning environment should include a positive atmosphere. Use praise whenever you see your child staying on task, keeping things in order, and completing assignments. Your positive words will go far in encouraging your child to be a productive, happy learner.

If you choose to try these steps, I believe you will see the positive changes you have been hoping for. Your child will seem like a different learner to you and you will see your child grow in confidence. This type of learning environment is where ADD/ ADHD kids can succeed and achieve!

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