Studying for School Success: 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Getting good grades in school depends on how well you study. How well you study depends on the habits you develop and establish at home and at school.

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There are eight quick and easy steps that can help you when it comes to studying for school success. You do not have to do these steps in any particular order. Just take one step at a time and watch your grades soar!

Here are those eight studying for school success steps:

Create a list of all your projects, or study assignments, and put them in order of importance, doing this first step will keep you from getting overwhelmed and stressed out. Keep rearranging this list until you are satisfied with your priority "to do" list.

Choose a "study space," an area in your home, or at school, that is conducive to learning and studying. It should be a space in which you feel comfortable, with no distractions or interruptions. Make certain that your family and friends are aware that this is your space for studying.

Be disciplined and consistent. Along with your study space, try to establish a specific time of day you can set aside for studying, and make sure that you adhere to your time schedule.

Try to learn something new every day. Just don't keep reviewing what you already know. Then, write down: "Today I learned...."

Create a Daily Planner. This is not a diary, or a log, but a plan for the future. Put all the things that need to be done (studying for a test, creating a science project) in your Planner, and refer to your "calendar of events" as often as necessary.

Use a study partner or "peer coach," someone who is serious about his or her learning, to help get you through some of the rough spots, the areas of study with which you need help. Even better, become part of a study group.

When you are studying focus on one thing at a time. When you master this task, move on. Don't let anything, or anyone, change your focus.

Once you succeed in learning something new, make sure to reward yourself for a job well done. Speak to your parents, or even teachers, to help you determine what this reward should be.

Remember to choose one step at a time. Your study habits will help you achieve success in school, and help determine the course of your future.

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