5 Tips to Better Study Skills

Would better study skills help your child in school? As a teacher, I can attest to the fact that some student’s struggle with studying. They get easily distracted, bored, and would rather clean their room than dedicate time to learning. As parents, it is important to teach our children how to apply themselves to their studies, acquire better study skills and improve their grades.

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If you think your child could use a little help in the studying arena, check out the tips below and see how many you can apply to your child’s regime to help them absorb the required material and gain a love of learning.

Better Study Skills Tip #1: Take Thorough Notes and Stay Organized

Teach your child the importance of thorough note-taking and organization. Show them ways to organize their notes that work with their own learning style and help them come up with a system to keep their notes and supplies organized. It really makes a difference!

Better Study Skills Tip #2: Redo Missed Problems

When your child gets an answer wrong on their homework or test, teach them the importance of going back and figuring out what they did wrong. Doing so will help them learn all aspects of the material and correct any misconception they have of the material.

Better Study Skills Tip #3: Make Flash Cards and Other Creative Methods

Make flash cards of the material that needs to be learned, put the information to music, or think of other creative methods to remembering the material while making it fun. Who says studying needs to be dry and boring!

Better Study Skills Tip #4: Find a Friend to Study With

Finding a friend to study with can really help to reduce the boredom and help improve the absorption of the material PROVIDED that both individuals stay focused on the task at hand.

Better Study Skills Tip #5: Avoid Cramming

Last minute cramming does little good. It’s important to schedule in some studying every day to avoid the last minute cram and to increase learning.

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