How to Take Effective College Lecture Notes

In today's society, not many college students understand the most efficient way to take college lecture notes. One of the best ways that I know of to take college notes is by following the Cornell Method of note taking. To do this, follow the tips listed below.

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1. Take a piece of paper (and this can include a word document in any word processing system on the computer) and create a line vertically down the page with the right column of the page being about two times as big as the left side. Note: Leave between 5 and 7 lines at the bottom of the page for later use.

2. In the left side the student is to write words that describe the main topics/signal words that relate to each part of the lecture that is covered in class.

3. On the right side of the page, the student is to summarize the lecture in short phrases. Long sentences should be avoided.

4. Leave the college lecture notes alone for 24 hours after taking them.

5. After a day has passed since looking at the notes, the student should look over the notes and then write a short summary of the notes using the five to seven lines that were left at the bottom of the page when creating the page.

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