Three Tips for How to Do Well on Exams

Studying is not the only way to do well on exams. Here I present three tips that will help you to prepare well for an exam every time. All are simple and can be easily followed, give them a try and see the results for yourself.

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Do Well on Exams Tip #1 - Rest your mind before your exam. This step comes in two parts; rest your mind 12 hours beforehand and just as you sit for the exam. If you study up to the very minute that you are about to take the exam, you will forget much of what you worked on and will not be ready. By relaxing your mind, it will give you time to gather your thoughts and pass this exam.

Do Well on Exams Step #2 - Look over your exam first, don't just start on problem number one. When your exam is placed in front of you, look over the entire test completely, and find the problems that you can work quickly and correctly. Do those first and when done leave them alone. This is where many students get in trouble. They want to go back and “look over” those problems that were done because the problems may look like a homework or practice problem or the teacher worked a problem like this, and the answer “should be” another number. All I can say is “leave it alone”! Learn the concept, don't try and memorize the answer.

Do Well on Exams Step #3 - After completing the problems you know, work the problems you have not done yet. Never leave a problem undone on an exam. Even though you may not know how to completely work it out, many teachers give some points for trying. If they can see your train of thought, and follow your steps you may still get credit.

When you are finished, look over your entire exam but don't change any answers! When you think too hard and start changing answers you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. Prepare yourself to do well on exams and get an A grade, but if you don't get an A learn from your mistakes and move on. Also, seek the help of those that can help you. You can ask your parents, teachers or hire an online private tutor.

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