Five Effective Studying Techniques

If you want to help your child learn to become a better student by studying, give them these 5 simple and effective studying techniques.

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1. Study a little each day- Do not leave the reviewing of notes to the last day before an exam. One of the most effective studying techniques is to review notes at least once a day for about ten minutes. If that's not possible, then review them every week.

2. Make flashcards- Flashcards have been proven to help you remember what you learn by forcing you to recall what you know verses what you do not know.

3. Record your lectures- If you can, record what the teacher is saying....then play it back.

4. Do NOT study for more than an hour at a time- Studies have proven that if you study for more than hour at a time, then you lose over 50% of what you learn after one hour.

5. Do not study when you are tired- When you are tired, take a nap or go for a walk. Then come back to studying later on.

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