Six Tips for Getting Good Grades in School

Getting good grades in school requires that you work at it. By following these steps, you can improve the grades that you are getting.

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1. Take good notes - If your teacher draws a diagram on the board, copy it down in your notes. Write what is on the board and take extensive notes on everything.

2. Aim high - You will not get a high score if you don't aim for one.

3. Prioritize - Homework comes first. Getting good grades in school requires prioritization. Socializing is important, but make sure your homework is done before you go play.

4. Check your homework - Check your homework answers before handing it to your teacher. If you are unsure about an answer, make sure you ask him or her about it so you'll have an understanding of the concepts you're studying.

5. Create a study guide - Combine your notes and the information in your textbooks to make a study guide. Use memory tricks to learn the concepts and then get someone to test you on the study guide.

6. Relax - During the test do not get may just get a low test score.

The most important advice for getting good grades in school is to do well on tests and do your homework. Don't get stressed!!!

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