Seven Tips to Improve SAT Math Scores

If you’re looking for ways to improve your SAT math score here are a few tips.

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Improve SAT Math Score Tip #1- Middle School Math

If you are getting stressed on what you are learning in your high school math class, DON’T. For the math portion of the SAT, most of the material was learned in middle school. The most challenging aspect of the math sections is navigating through the trickiness of the questions.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #2- Picking Numbers

One way to remove complexity is with the picking numbers problem solving strategy. Picking numbers is a very effective technique for any problem that is inundated with variables. Though this method often meets resistance, it is eventually realized by even the very top students that picking numbers must be used.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #3- Working Backwards

A second way to make the questions easier is by using the working backwards problem solving strategy. Beginning with the answers and working back to the beginning gives a simple starting point that will lead to a correct answer. Combining this typically used method with the power of the graphing calculator makes seemingly difficult questions easy.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #4- Drawing Pictures

One of the most important strategies is getting one’s thoughts on paper. Geometry problems are perfect examples. If the question states line AB is not shown. Draw it! As in putting the pedal to the metal, putting the pencil to the paper will get one to the answer and accomplish it more quickly.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #5- Use your Calculator

Avoid silly mistakes by using your calculator. Say no to mental math. With the time pressure, it is critical to use all of your tools to maximize your score. The graphing calculator has many underutilized features such as the store/recall features and graphing options that make certain questions simple.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #6- Over-Analyzing and Under-Analyzing

Each section of the math portion of the SAT is ordered by level of difficulty. If you are spending too much time on a question in the beginning of a section, take a break and come back to it. On the other hand, if you are spending too little time on a question at the end of section, you might want to look at it again.

Improve SAT Math Score Tip #7- Break it Down

Avoid being overwhelmed by strategically breaking down questions into small pieces. Make word problems a series of simple steps that can be easily solved. As in the number of tips listed here, it is scientifically proven that the brain can handle a few steps much more effectively than many steps.

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