Five Ways to Improve Test Taking Skills

If your children encounter difficulties taking tests it’s vital for them to improve their test taking skills. Below are five ways to improve test taking skills

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Tip #1- Read materials daily - It is important that junior high students begin forming good test taking skills at an early stage. Because the subject material will increasingly become harder, it is important the material is divided into sections which can be reviewed on a daily basis.

Tip #2- Hire a tutor to help with difficult information - Because most class sizes are increasing, it may be difficult for your child to receive personalized attention and assistance from the teacher during the school day. A tutor may directly help improve test taking skills. You may take advantage of any free tutoring your child has or you may wish to hire a tutor. There are several companies that are very flexible with dates/times needed and are willing to travel to your home which makes it convenient.

Tip #3- Complete all homework assignments in a timely fashion - Because your child’s teacher usually builds upon the previous night’s homework, it is very important that he/she completes homework every night so that any problems that may arise in learning concepts can be addressed early.

Tip #4- Communicate with your child’s teacher - Since your child’s teacher will spend significant amounts of time with your child every day, he/she may be able to provide helpful insight with any difficulties your child may be having, such as organization.

Tip #5- If problems persist, see a professional - If there seems to be no progress, you may want to have your child evaluated for a possible learning disorder such as dyslexia or even more serious disorders such as autism.

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