Improving Test Scores with Better Study Skills

Improving test scores is as easy as following the tips below. By sharpening your study skills you will quickly and effectively be able to improve study habits and improve test scores.

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Improving Test Scores Tip #1 - Don't Cram! Studies have shown that repeated and frequent episodes of concentration are much more effective than one long session. To sit and study for hours and hours is boring and it causes fatigue and stress. You cannot learn if you are tired and stressed.

Improving Test Scores Tip #2 - Take A Day Off! The brain needs recovery and recharging time. The rest periods are when your brain takes in what is being learned. When we rest, we are recharging ourselves. However, when we take the day off, we should not be thinking about studying!! The brain will not take in new data if it is stressed. Therefore on days off from studying, enjoy yourself and do not think about studying.

Improving Test Scores Tip #3 - Know When to Study. If you are tired, distracted, or in a hurry do not study. When the brain is relaxed, it naturally absorbs information without effort. Do not waste your time studying when your mind is focused on other things.

Improving Test Scores Tip #4 - Review New Material the Same Day. When you learn something new, go over the information again later that day. By doing a quick review, your brain will absorb the new information. Therefore, when you sit down to study, you will recognize the material and it will seem easy.

Improving Test Scores Tip # 5- Get the Big Picture. When you study, if you try first to grasp the big picture and then fill in the details, you often have a more likely chance of success.

Improving Test Scores Tip #6 - Exaggerate!! The concept of exaggeration can be applied to anything. Exaggeration during practice can make the final result seem easy. If you are studying spelling, exaggerating the letter sounds can make spelling the word easier. By using an exaggerated pronunciation, the correct spelling seems obvious.

Improving Test Scores Tip #7 - Have All Needed Materials Within Your Reach. Pay attention to what materials help you study and always have it available when you study.

Improving Test Scores Tip #8 - Review, Review, Review!!! As you place more and more information into your brain, you tend to forget the information that was learned earlier. Therefore, it is helpful to review the old information every two or three study sessions.

Improving Test Scores Tip #9 - Make Studying A Routine. If you schedule certain times of the day to study, you will get into a routine and accomplish more. An effective way to do this is to write down the time in your calendar and view it as an important appointment.

Improving Test Scores Tip #10 - Set Realistic Goals!! If you set goals that are manageable, you get in the habit of accomplishing them and eventually you can set higher goals. Set your sights on reaching your long-term goals, but your daily activities should complement your short-term goals.

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