Preparing for the ACT Test

Preparing for the ACT test can help your child earn higher scores and greatly improve their chances of being admitted to college. Many students assume the test cannot be as hard as they think and go into it unprepared only to realize that a study course would have helped them to do better.

Most parents will wait until their son or daughter has taken the test and not done as well as necessary before they enroll in a test prep course. Others know that their child may experience test anxiety and they do not want to risk having to take the test again, so they enroll in a test prep course.

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The big question for many parents is when to hire a tutor to help in preparing for the ACT test – before the first test or after. The benefit of working with a tutor before the test is that your child gets an opportunity to become familiar with the test format and the type of questions they will encounter on the actual test thereby increasing the chance of doing well on the test the first time. The College Admissions process is stressful enough without having to put your child through a cycle of test retakes.

On the other hand, a benefit from hiring the tutor after the first test is that your scores will show you what areas you need to work on. ACT classes help you review the subject matter in detail thus avoiding the mistakes you made the first time.

Whether you choose before or after, an ACT test prep course gives you valuable guidance and your tutor preps you for doing well on the ACT. An ACT study plan is worked out for you and it progresses as you work through the course. In addition, you learn a lot from the interaction with your tutor.

Preparing for and taking the ACT test and is a tough job but enrolling in a test preparation course or hiring a tutor can be the most convenient and effective methods for preparing to do your best.

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