Student Test Preparation: Understanding Different Types of Tests

Proper student test preparation is something that we all need to learn, whether students or parents of students. For children, test time is a time to panic, for parents it’s a time to stress and for teachers it is a time to see if their hard work has paid off. So how does one change dread to preparation when it comes to tests? Easy, the key is understanding what types of tests are out there and how to prepare for each kind of test.

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When it comes to student test preparation, there are typically two main types of tests that teachers are using nowadays, standardized and essay.

Student Test Preparation Test Type #1- Standardized tests are most often made up of multiple choice questions. Depending upon what type of learner your child is, these types of tests can either be very easy for them or very hard.

When studying for a standardized test, your child should focus on key words and key information. These key words and key information will be the basis of most multiple choice test questions, so prepping for this will be beneficial. Use memory tricks to help students remember confusing details and they will remember these tricks and hints when it comes to test time.

Student Test Preparation Test Type #2- Essay tests are another type of test that some children fear while others welcome.

Essay tests require a clear understanding of the materials, so additional test preparation or more time spent studying may be necessary. Teachers use essay tests to see how much of the topic your child has grasped, so the more information they know the better.

Hopefully these student test preparation tips will help parents, children and teachers no longer dread test time but find new ways to prepare, present and understand the material at hand.

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