Studying Tips for Students: Nine Tips to Improve Study Skills

If you’re looking for studying tips for students, then look no further! Apply the tips below to your study sessions and watch your grades improve!

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Studying Tips for Students #1: Set the Stage

When selecting the stage for your studying, make sure it is free from as many distractions as possible. Make it a positive and comfortable place.

Studying Tips for Students #2: Dabble in a Variety of Mediums

Doing one activity for an extended period of time is BORING! Switch up your studying by reading some, hands-on activities, discussions, etc.

Studying Tips for Students #3: Stay Organized

Productive studying is impossible in a disorganized environment. Keep your notes and supplies organized and easy to find. Do your best to keep them that way.

Studying Tips for Students #4: Complete Personal Weekly Reviews and Evaluations

Once a week, review the material you covered and evaluate how well you did at retaining the information. If you are found lacking in a particular area, go back and study that area again.

Studying Tips for Students #5: Review Before Class

Shortly before class, review your notes and what you learned during the previous studying sessions. Be prepared for each class and aware with the material being presented, if possible.

Studying Tips for Students #6: After Class…

After class, organize and review your notes. If you have a question about a particular notation, ask your teacher or professor for clarification.

Studying Tips for Students #7: Rephrase the Material

Put the material you have learned into your own words and meanings. You want to make the information meaningful and understandable for you.

Studying Tips for Students #8: Seek Help

If you have run across information you are unsure of, resort to textbooks or other resources to help clear up the confusion. Study groups are great resources for this purpose, as well as to be able to bounce ideas and theories off of another group of people.

Studying Tips for Students #9: Reward Yourself!

Very few do it, but you should! After a job-well-done, give yourself a reward. You deserve it!

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