Work Motivation: The 4 Secrets to Avoiding Distraction while Working from Home

Cubicles, long commutes, office politics and fluorescent lighting are a few reasons why the typical office job is no longer attractive for many Americans. But it’s not just the bad lighting and stifling environment. Nearly 500,000 Americans will be going home this year in an attempt to find happiness and money by working from home. Whatever the reasons are for getting out of the rat race, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when making the big switch. Just because you no longer have to worry about catty co-workers or horrible bosses, doesn’t mean that your career will now be a bed of roses. Work motivation while doing business from home is a big variable that can make the difference between lucrative business move and start-up failure.

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While the freedom and flexibility of working from home can be very gratifying, it’s the distractions of working from an environment that you are so comfortable in that spell disaster for work from home entrepreneurs. Anything from the barking dog next door, to unexpected company or the lure of the tv and/or refrigerator can mean loss of productivity and ultimately loss of profit. That’s why it’s essential to find a way to minimize the distractions that keep you from accomplishing important goals.

1. Establish a work space - It’s a good idea to set up shop in a designated area with a door that can be closed. There is a reason that the standard office is set up the way that it is. In order stay on take a quiet space is needed to make important calls and to get work done as efficiently as possible. If you’re working from a laptop on your couch you may be making yourself too available to outside distractions. If you don’t have the luxury of a space of your own at home then it is important to explain to friends, family and neighbors that there are certain hours of the day that are designated for your work and you appreciate them respecting these boundaries.

2. Develop a routine - Develop a daily schedule to organize your time. If you begin your day not knowing exactly what you would like to accomplish and how you’re going to accomplish it, your day will inevitably disappear and all you may have accomplished is making yourself coffee, checking your email and surfing the net. It’s easy to get side-tracked so make sure to jot down your goals for each day, week and month and adhere to them. It’s also important to create a schedule that works best for you. If you get more accomplished first thing in the morning, then it’s a good idea to establish this schedule right off the bat.

3. Manage time between kids and work - While it may be tempting to think that working from home will enable you to spend more time with your children, having your children around constantly while working from home will more than likely but a damper on your productivity. When starting your own home-based business expect to put in more hours than you had originally counted on. So it’s a good idea to expect to be working even more than when you had your office job. In this case finding a babysitter or a daycare is essential. However, if your children are older you may want to try establishing the differences between work time and family time. And as with any schedule it is important to adhere to this and not give mixed signals to your children. When it’s work time they need to know that mommy or daddy is off limits. But equally as important, when it’s family time it’s important to put the work away.

4. Stay away from electronic stimulus - Television can obviously be very distracting. Whether you’re tuning in for your favorite day time T.V. pleasure or just have it on for background noise, the lure of the television can be overwhelming and an enormous time suck. It’s best to set up shop in an area where there is no T.V. to tempt you. If this is not possible than at least try to limit your television watching to lunch breaks or record your favorite shows to watch later when you’re not on the clock. Working primarily on the computer can offer a whole different type of electronic distractions. Surfing the internet and visiting many of the blogging and friends sites out there can also be hazardous to your productivity. Once again, it’s important to set your work schedule and to stick to only work related sites during this time. All other entertainment sites should be considered off limits until your work day is complete.

Working from home can be the best decision that you ever made. If your office job is nothing but one bad day after another and is regularly bringing you down than you may want to consider working from home. But keep in mind that working from home can offer its own complexities and struggles. Staying productive and motivated might be a constant battle while working from home, but a battle that needs to be overcome to ensure home business success

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