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Many years ago, my friend needed to pass several college level mathematics courses to pursue her career in psychology. I tutored her in beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, college algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, which helped her earn A's and B's in those courses and eventually earn a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Because she recognized my talent and patience for tutoring in mathematics and desired that I make the most of this talent, she recently introduced me to TutorFi online tutoring.

I am a premier Ann Arbor tutor both online and offline face-to-face with students within my area. Some students feel more comfortable with face-to-face tutoring, while others prefer online tutoring.The beauty of online tutoring is manifold:

1) Students are generally computer-savvy and get to use a whiteboard in my classroom on their favorite medium, the internet, while talking live with me on the phone.
2) There is no need for driving long distances for students and me to meet
3) Because the software is interactive and engaging, I find students are more likely to stay focused on their tutoring sessions.
4) Many more mathematics students will be able to benefit from my tutoring services.

I have a Ph.D. in mathematics and have privately tutored students for the last 29 years. I have also taught probability and statistics, differential equations, calculus computer labs, algebra 2 (grade 10), algebra 1 (grade 8) and an after-school mathematics club (grades 4 through 7). Unlike many other tutors in the area, I have the ability to tutor both K-12 and college level mathematics, up to graduate level probability.

My mathematics tutoring includes preparing younger students for state assessment tests and preparing older students for college entrance exams as well as required math courses for their careers. When I tutor, I stress thinking as opposed to merely memorizing facts as much as possible, because I recognize that students who think at a higher cognitive level are likely to retain the material more easily and make fewer mistakes than those who just memorize facts.

Besides the success story for my friend who introduced me to TutorFi, my tutoring has resulted in several other success stories:

1) One of my students had failed math for years since the second grade but had somehow been passed on to seventh grade math. I tutored him for a few years in seventh grade math as well as helping him fill in the gaps for the earlier grades, and years later he passed geometry, algebra 1, and algebra 2 to graduate from high school.

2) Another student was gifted in mathematics but was bored with fifth grade math. I provided mathematics enrichment for him for several years; he quickly advanced through his mathematics classes at school, and he earned A's and A-'s in three calculus courses and linear algebra.

3) A third student was gifted in math but had difficulties with accuracy in algebra. I tutored him for several years, and he eventually scored the maximum of 800 on the mathematics section of the SAT and the maximum of 5 on the calculus BC exam, as well as becoming a national merit finalist. He was then accepted into the Honors program at the University of Notre Dame.

4) Two other students had struggled in college senior level probability, a challenging course for most students, but my tutoring helped them earn good grades.

I care about my students and I am willing to communicate with the students' parents and teachers, as needed. I seek to be a difference-maker for students in mathematics. While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today.

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