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My online math tutoring will banish “math phobia” and make your classroom work and homework assignments much easier. I know I said Coeur d’Alene area but, in truth, it does not matter where you are, my system will work for you on your computer.

As a retired Professional Mechanical Engineer, I realized that I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the area of mathematics that I could share with others. Considering the deteriorating state of our country’s scientific, technical and manufacturing capabilities, it is apparent that we are failing to produce enough graduates in these critical fields of endeavor.

One of the main culprits responsible for this untenable situation is the fear of mathematics or “math phobia”. Many people erect a huge mental wall that resists any exposure to math beyond basic arithmetic. It is my desire to break down that wall by sharing my understanding of math with young people as they work through their school years.

I worked for several years in one of my community’s Learning Centers helping students of all levels overcome their math classroom difficulties. After working in face-to-face sessions with one to three youngsters at a time, I discovered the convenience and efficacy of private, one-on-one online tutoring.

Given the computer knowledge of young children in today’s society, this is the ideal learning environment for them. Often school-age youngsters are intimidated by a face-to-face tutoring session with an adult, but in the computer environment, they are quite comfortable.

I invite you to consider some of the tutoring options available to your children:

1. Learning Center

The typical Learning Center offers an expensive program wherein, after a lengthy assessment test, the student is assigned a prescriptive course of lessons. The student reports to the learning facility in accordance with a fixed schedule, where he/she is assigned to a tutor, along with 2-4 other students, and goes through the predetermined series of lessons. Each student in the group will usually be using a different set of lessons and the students do not always work with the same tutor at each session. The tutors are screened, certified, and supervised by the center’s director.

2. Traditional Tutor

The traditional tutor may be anyone from a qualified, certified teacher, to a college student trying to earn some extra money. The cost for the service is usually negotiable depending on the experience and qualifications of the tutor and the travel involved. The tutor will generally come to your home but sometimes will require the student to meet at a library or the tutor’s home. Scheduling can be difficult and not very flexible. Often, students are intimidated in one-to-one sessions with an adult.

3. Online Tutoring Company

The online tutoring company is convenient (student does not have to leave home) and youngsters like the technology. The service is moderately priced, but often a contract for a specific number of sessions is required. A whiteboard is used in the online environment and usually communication between the tutor and student is accomplished through texting (chat room) or by telephone. The tutors may or may not be screened and the student rarely gets the same tutor in each session. Many services tutor up to five students at the same time, limiting the one-on-one help many students need. It also creates a lack of flexibility in scheduling sessions

By way of comparison, the benefits of my online tutoring service are enumerated below:

1. The student and I meet in a “virtual” classroom complete with whiteboard, voice communication and the ability to take turns using the whiteboard as needed.

2. To facilitate the voice communications, the student needs a microphone and speakers or headset — a one-time, 10-15 minute phone call is required to set up the microphone to access the online classroom. Ideally, the student should have a stylus for writing on the whiteboard – a mouse will work if the student is adept at controlling its movements.

3. Lessons are tailored to assist with the student’s current assignments, projects, and homework. Extra attention or re-teaching is provided for subjects as needed.

4. Lesson pages from the tutoring sessions can be printed out, by the student, for review and further study.

5. Sessions are set up at times convenient to the student ... they won’t interfere with extra-curricular or family activities. “Emergency” or extra sessions, to accommodate upcoming classroom exams or clarify difficult concepts, are easy to accomplish.

6. Parental contact is encouraged so that the student’s progress and any additional needs can be discussed and accommodated.

7. I will communicate with the student’s classroom teacher if requested by the parents.

8. The parents of my online students have FREE access to an outstanding set of videos called the A+ Parenting Video Series. This set of videos and handouts was created by a team of educators to help you identify and understand your youngster’s approach to learning, motivation and possible reasons for success and/or failure.

9. Many online tutoring companies just assign whichever tutor happens to be available when the student signs in ... you never know from one session to the next who the tutor will be. I will always be your own private tutor.

10. I have an extensive academic background certified by TutorFi, and credentialed by the State of California.

Additionally, I have prepared a two-volume math reference set available online as downloadable eBooks. Volume 1 covers subjects from basic arithmetic to algebra 1 and geometry while volume 2 includes subjects from algebra 2 and trigonometry to pre-calculus.

The set is titled “Math for the Fun of It” and is available at

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