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I have a friend who has a high school age daughter that is struggling in algebra. She has had to add shuttling her daughter twice a week to sessions at a learning center along with caring for a toddler and an elementary school age daughter that is involved in extracurricular activities.

It struck me that if the elder daughter, who is very computer savvy like most children her age, had access to a knowledgeable and caring tutor online then she could get the assistance and coaching in math in the privacy and comfort of her own home. This would relieve my friend of the burden packing up two younger kids, driving to the learning center, spending at least an hour there, and then driving back home.

It was that concern for parents like my friend who are multi-tasking the needs of many children in their household that I chose to begin my online tutoring business. My service, called The Study Haven is able to provide this to busy parents, just like my friend.

Along with the convenience to parents, there are multiple advantages to my students. Among these are that your child can be tutored using the home computer, a technology that they are probably very comfortable and enthusiastic with. This includes the ability for me and your child to have voice interaction in our online virtual classroom.

I provide a one-on-one online Dacula tutor learning environment that many children will find less intimidating than face to face tutoring. I also communicate with my student’s teachers and with you, the parent, to keep track of my student’s progress in school and to provide accurate feedback.

I feel these advantages over traditional tutoring make The Study Haven a unique and specialized tutoring option for parents and students in today’s busy world.
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