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Does your child struggle with his/her classes? Does he/she hate school? Are you looking for a solution to these problems? A professional Daytona tutor is the solution. With more than 20 years of experience, a tutor helps students to achieve their educational goals.

Most tutors are educators who understand the process of learning and know how to get children excited about school. With a supportive attitude and the help from you, the parent, academic obstacles can be turned into success.

A complete set of proven online learning tools, live voice communication between the tutor and the students, informal, relaxed, and simple to use, all contribute to an optimal learning experience. The professional tutor will create a rapport by communicating with the student’s teacher and keeps the parents in the loop.

When you visit my page, you will receive totally "free” A+ Parenting Video Series & Handouts and an online tutoring demonstration. You will also learn effective study techniques recommended by renowned psychologists and educators around the world.

In addition, by calling me or filling out the request form, you will receive a free consultation with a tutor who has a 20 year proven track record of success. During this free consultation, I will talk with you about your child’s educational challenges and needs.

While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today! I am looking forward to teaming up with you and enjoying your success.

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