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Do you need a Delray Beach tutor? Do you want to learn the basics to achieve success today and in the future? I am your best source for tutoring in the Delray Beach, Fl area.

Whether you are a parent or an adult seeking tutoring services, my online tutoring services can give you the educational help you need.

My name is Andrea G. Shenkman and my online tutoring services provide the tools needed for educational success. These tools are presented in a way that makes it easy to understand how they can be used to achieve success in school and in a career.

I have fourteen years experience as a psychotherapist and seven years experience teaching college. As a counselor, I work with parents and their children. This work led me to college teaching, both on campus in a traditional setting and online. My fascination with computers along with my constant search for new and better resources for my students resulted in my finding TutorFi and online tutoring.

I am excited about being able to combine my love of counseling and teaching with my fascination with technology. The possibilities are endless!

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, I am available to work with clients from the Palm Beach County area. But, since my online tutoring services are provided online, I am also available to a worldwide audience.

Still not convinced that I am your best source for tutoring?
Let me list some of the benefits of my online tutoring services.

• Time does not have to be spent driving to an appointment to meet with me in an office.

• If you are a parent, you don’t have to wait around during the tutoring session.

• Easy online scheduling.

• Unlike some of the corporate tutoring services, each client has a personalized program created to enhance existing skills and develop new skills.

• Ongoing support via email is provided.

• Phone support as needed.

• Parents of high school aged children receive support on a regular basis.

• Coordination with high school teachers as required, with parents kept in the information cycle.

• Individualized tutoring program created to enhance overall homework objectives.

• Parents have access to tips for parenting.

• Student motivation is elevated because of the excitement of learning online.

My goal with my students is to assist them in accessing the skills they need to reach their academic goals. We all learn in different ways. My solution-focused coaching encourages the development of habits needed for success in academics which sets a solid foundation for the future.

I am a counselor, an educator, and a life coach who has spent the past 15 years using my skills to assist people in developing solutions. Online tutoring is a tool in my kit of solution-focused resources. Let me share with you my excitement about how technology can be used to achieve success.

Send me an email with your phone number and suggest several timeslots that you would be available for a free 30-minute phone consultation with me. While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today!

Communities Served:

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Delray Beach
West Palm Beach
Boynton Beach
Boca Raton
Deerfield Beach
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Palm Beach Gardens

I look forward to making your acquaintance,
Andrea Shenkman

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Andrea Shenkman
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  • Elementary Writing skills
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Organization Skills
  • Note-Taking Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Study Skills
  • Test-Taking Skills