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My name is Jayne Roberts, and I’m a local Elk Grove credentialed teacher with experience helping students in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and am now adding online tutoring to my face to face tutoring practice. With user-friendly technology, students can have one-on-one tutoring sessions from any computer with internet access. This allows me to eliminate the commuting hassle for families I work with, as it also allows me to serve students beyond my immediate neighborhood. I believe parent communication is essential to any tutoring program, since parents may need support in the day to day issues that their child may face.

When choosing a tutor in the Greater Sacramento area, parents have many options, each with benefits and limitations. At traditional Learning Centers, students work with qualified tutors who are generally overseen by a director. Students work in groups of up to 5 students working at the same level, based on academic screening. The classes may be helpful, but rarely take the time to focus on individual student needs. The packages tutoring centers offer are generally expensive, and the students are not excited by these tutoring sessions. Parent communication is generally minimal, and the driving time to each tutor session may take up much valuable family time.

Parents may hire a private tutor who may come to your home or meet you at a specified location for tutoring. Many private tutors are qualified, ranging from college students to credentialed teachers. Pricing is negotiable, but many students are intimidated with this type of one-to-one tutoring until they get to know their tutor. The work students do at their sessions generally does not excite students. Scheduling with good face to face tutors may be difficult, and individual tutors will vary on how much support they give parents.

When parents choose typical online tutoring, you don’t have to leave home, and your child may love working with the technology. These sessions are usually cheap, with an emphasis placed on homework completion. Although most tutors are qualified, students rarely get to work with the same tutor each time they go online. Tutors sometimes work with up to 5 students at a time, and many systems do not offer voice communication in their online classrooms. These tutors generally don’t have time to work closely with parents.

When parents choose to work with me using an innovative online tutoring system, students use the technology they love, and work with the same caring, capable tutor. I work closely with parents and classroom teachers if necessary to track a child’s progress. I can customize my lessons, balancing the need to complete homework with the need to build academic skills and confidence for each child’s future. My experience and patience allows me to combine old fashioned teaching strategies with the new technology students greet with enthusiasm. My online classroom with voice allows students to download their homework or texts, as well as use the internet to find exciting ways to learn. Even students with ADHD are able to focus on their learning as I guide them through each individualized lesson. Tutoring sessions are easy to fit into your busy schedule since students can schedule sessions whenever they have internet access.

With a learning handicapped as well as multiple subject teaching credentials, I have the tools you need to help your struggling student. I have worked with students attending public, private, and charter schools, as well as those who are home schooled. I take the time to care for your child, and am always available to address any concerns or issues about your child’s education.

Simply call me at (916) 391-4594 or fill out the above form, and I’ll contact you at whatever time is best for a free consultation, and then you can decide. Online tutoring can make a great difference for your child, and I'd love the opportunity to discuss with you the processes to give you even better results than you might expect.

While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today! I'm looking forward to making your acquaintance and establishing a good, enduring collaboration.

Jayne Roberts

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I look forward to making your acquaintance,
Jayne Roberts

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