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As a premier Geneseo tutor, my online math tutoring will clear up current study and homework issues and begin to build a firm foundation of math skills. Simply answering an immediate question is not enough; a student should also be given the reason for the answer so he can more easily find his own answer in the future.

As a retired classroom teacher in both public schools and local colleges, I have the experience and skills to listen to your son or daughter and identify the root cause of the math issues presented in our online tutoring sessions.

Your son or daughter will see technology they enjoy and are comfortable with used to resolve math questions and build understandings of fundamental math concepts. We will reintroduce the fun of learning math and being successful in completing assignments with skill and understanding.

My Horan4Math online tutoring service stands apart from many other tutoring options available to you and your family. Here is an overview of some options and details about Horan4math.

Local Learning Center

This is probably the most expensive option, and usually begins with a long and detailed assessment of the student's subject matter skills. Tutors are usually qualified, screened before they are employed, and are supervised by a director.

Students are driven to the center and may join 1-4 other students when meeting with their tutor. Students are usually not excited about the schedule or their experience in front of other students.

Private Tutoring

Private tutors may come to your home, are usually subject matter qualified, and offer 1-1 instruction to the student. Prices vary widely from medium to expensive, tutors may not be screened, and schedules are usually inflexible. Private face-to-face tutors can be intimidating to many students, and the tutoring experience may not be enjoyable.

Online Tutoring Services

Students access the service from home and use familiar technology. Online tutoring services are usually less expensive and some may offer voice interaction with students. A student cannot expect to work with the same tutor each time, and rarely are tutors screened.

Typically online tutoring services schedule up to five students with the same tutor at the same time, and communication with parents may be very minimal with little or no post session follow-up.

In comparison to the above options, the following benefits of Horan4Math are outlined below for your review.

1. My students meet with me in a virtual, online classroom. We use a speaker phone to converse and have access to an online whiteboard for visual examples and demonstrations.

2. Free Google Apps is used to exchange documents, lessons, and examples. Scanned documents can be shared immediately using these familiar applications.

3. I communicate with parents immediately following each online tutoring session. These communications can be by phone and/or by email.

4. I will also communicate regularly with your student's classroom teacher, if you request.

5. Tutoring can be accessed by any computer with speaker phone access. Chat options are also possible when a speaker phone is not available.

6. My tutoring goals include the strengthening of individual study skills on the part of each student and include recommendations for written notes, schedules, and assignment follow-ups.

7. All tutoring work is completed within the tutoring session unless additional work is requested by the student.

8. Session work, examples, and exercises – with answers can be printed by the student or saved for later review.

9. Scheduling is performed easily online, and requests for additional sessions can be added easily.

10. Each tutor is certified by TutorFi, an A+ rated BBB Company.

11. My personal background as a Geneseony tutor includes 15+ years teaching professionally, more than 30 years working in a variety of Manufacturing and Distribution companies in developing computer application software, and I am permanently certified in Secondary Mathematics in New York State.

12. I look forward to sharing my love of math learning with you and your child. I am dedicated to our joint success.

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I look forward to making your acquaintance,
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