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Does your child seem apathetic or disinterested in school? Is there a daily struggle to get your son or daughter to complete their homework? Would you like your child to become a confident, independent and self-reliant student? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the problem may not be your child. The problem may be with the one size fits all traditional approach to education. Perhaps, in an effort to help your son or daughter, you are considering a private tutor.

If you research the tutoring companies in your area, you may find that local tutoring services can be expensive, hard to schedule and involve the inconvenience of having to drive to sessions 1 to 3 times per week.

My Grand Prairie tutoring program offers very affordable prices and tutoring sessions that can be planned to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. There will be no need to drive across town. All tutoring sessions are conveniently conducted online in your home.

While teaching in the public school system, I noticed that the academic requirements were becoming increasingly more rigorous. Consequently I had to find a way to motivate the students to willingly meet new educational challenges. As a direct result of my research, I discovered the advantages of incorporating computers in the classroom.

When technology was introduced, I observed that learners were more engaged in the learning process, excited about subjects taught and retained more of topics presented by various instructors. At this point I determined that online tutoring was the best way to reach and teach more children.

I would like to share a couple of characteristics that make me unique as an online math tutor. First, my program offers a complete set of proven online learning tools that are easy to use. These tools allow me to create the most advantageous learning environment for your child. I use live voice communication between the student and myself. This aspect of my program enables me to not only demonstrate but also explain complicated math concepts.

Second, as I mentioned earlier, the use of technology is one of the best ways to reach struggling students. Therefore, I like to get students excited about learning by using a medium that they love-online tutoring.

My caring approach to teaching causes me to look for new ways to help your child succeed at his/her academic endeavors. Because I believe that children are more successful when parents, teachers and tutors work together, I will offer free ongoing communication with you and your child’s teacher.

You may also expect:
1. A fun and interactive math curriculum
2. A personal learning plan for your child
3. Engaging computer-based activities
4. A highly qualified and state-certified teacher
5. A program adapted to your child’s individual skill level and pace

Parents, would you like to learn:
• How to detect potential learning difficulties in your child before he/she falls behind in school?
• New and innovative ways to help your child develop study and organizational skills?
• How to walk away from your next parent conference armed with the knowledge to help your child succeed?

These are only a few of the topics that will be covered in an exciting video series entitled “A+ Parenting”. These videos are valued at $297 but they are yours absolutely free for trying my tutoring service.

Get your son or daughter excited about learning by allowing the fast-paced internet culture to work to your child's advantage. Sign up for a free Demo lesson and watch your child’s attitude about learning math improve.

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